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We will wait for Virgil van Dijk like a good wife is waiting when the husband is in jail – Jurgen Klopp


It was a sad Merseyside derby for the Reds on Saturday as Virgil van Dijk the club’s present most influential player had to be substituted in the first half of the match due to a developed knee ligament injury and according to reports, the duration for his recovery is yet to be predicted as he will be undergoing a surgery.

Virgil’s injury has brought worries to the minds of fans and the entire Liverpool football club because of the player’s impact in the squad since he came to Anfield in January 2018; the Dutchman came as a messiah to the defence deficiency that the club had been experiencing and ever since he became a Red, the best has always been delivered by him and his impact in the club winning the Champions League in 2019 and the Premier League in the previous season cannot be underestimated.

Although Pickford was able to escape punishment for this challenge. Image: PA Images

In a press conference held on Monday, Liverpool’s manager and head coach Jürgen Klopp disclosed that the club will ensure that the 29-year-old Netherlands international is given all the support needed for his recovery. The German coach also claimed that Virgil is feeling okay after the incidence that led to his injury.

In Klopp’s statement, he said (addressing Virgil’s case): “It all will start but we are in contact, of course, we are in contact. We are there for him, he knows that and we will wait for him like a good wife is watching when the husband is in jail and will do, meanwhile, all what we can do to make it as easy for him as possible.”

When asked about the time frame for Van Dijk’s recovery ahead of their Champions League fixture against Ajax on Wednesday, Klopp responded: “That’s all not sorted yet. A few things are clear, so he will be out for a while, that’s clear. We don’t want to set any time frame, to be honest, because each player is different and each individual is different and these possible time frames are always for the x, y, z player.

“Virgil is Virgil and we don’t want to set any time frame, but he will be out for a pretty long time and that’s what the solution is.”

The German coach said that after he saw the way Van Dijk was roughly tackled by Everton’s Jordan Pickford, he already concluded that the centre-back defender will be out for a long time. Klopp said that Van Dijk himself isn’t happy with his present condition but he (Klopp) is 100% sure that Van Dijk will get over it.

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