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Napoli records the second case of COVID-19 as Elmas tests positive


The Italian football club – Napoli has announced a second case of Coronavirus among their players as the test recently made on Elif Elmas turns out positive. This announcement came in just 48 hours after Piotr Zielinski tested positive to the disease on Thursday and what this implies is that both Elif Elmas and Piotr Zielinski would be absent for the team’s game against Juventus on Sunday night.

It should be remembered that in Napoli’s last match against Genoa which they were the victors, 6 out of the Genoa’s squad that featured in the game, came out positive for coronavirus the following day, and ever since then, it has been feared that Napoli’s players must have been infected after contacts with these players. The prediction finally became a reality when the Partenopei recorded their first case on Thursday which was just four days after the match had been played.

Genoa football club now has a total of 22 active cases of coronavirus split between players and members of staff and from the look of things, the entire team will just have to remain in self-isolation and have their matches postponed till further notice.

With this sad news, it is feared that a second COVID-19 suspension of the Italian Serie A might set in should the cases become unbearable.

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