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Mikel Arteta confesses his admiration for Liverpool’s Thiago Alcantara


Arsenal’s head coach – Mikel Arteta has revealed that Liverpool’s newly signed Thiago Alcantara is a worthwhile asset to the team. In his statement made as a commendation of Thiago’s personality, he said that Thiago Alcantara is an incredible personality, a player with great talent, special and of exceptional qualities that describe a midfielder.

It was rumoured that asides from Liverpool, other English teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United had intentions to bring in the Spaniard but when asked if Arsenal gave a shot towards signing Thiago, Arteta said that what clubs try and do in the transfer market isn’t made known to the media, but he had always liked Thiago right from when he (Arteta) was in Barcelona.

In the last two meetings between Arsenal and Liverpool, Arsenal won in both meetings and interestingly, the two sides are going to face each other head-to-head for two times this week (Premier League and Carabao Cup) at Anfield and the question on the minds of the majority of fans is if the same thing would be repeated. When asked what he feels about their next week’s matches against Liverpool, Arteta said:

“The games we played at the Emirates and the Shield were very different. I think it will be different again. We know the standards they have set in this league and how consistent they have been.” He further added that with the Liverpool dominant style of play, Arsenal would need to be at their best and compete well for them to win the game against the Merseyside Red. The first game (Premier League) between the two sides comes up on Monday, the 28th of September.

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