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Manchester City’s chief operating officer believes that the club would be in the best position to sign Lionel Messi in 2021 summer


One of the biggest transfer report for this summer’s window was that of Messi’s linkage to other clubs, it had a lot of comments and views by football fans but never came to reality before the window closed on October 5 as Messi later announced that he will still remain at Barca till the end of his contract, which will be at the end of the 2020-21 season.

Man. City was one of the clubs that the Argentine proposed to join should he leave Barcelona and Omar Berrada, the chief operating officer of the English club has come to clear the air about City’s plan for Lionel Messi.

In Berrada’s conversation with the Manchester Evening News about Lionel Messi, he stated: “He (Messi) is the best player in the world, he’s the best player of his generation. I think any club in the world would like to explore the possibility of him joining their team.

“The fact that it was commented that he wanted to come play for City just shows you how far the team has come over the last years where the best talent of his generation and potentially saying he wants to come and play for us.”

The COO disclosed that with the two weeks issue of Messi’s likely departure from Barcelona, it is almost impossible to predict what will happen in 2021 summer. He admits that though Messi is world-class player that can’t be rejected by any club, Man. City’s planning has been done with the squad they possess at the moment.

He added: “For every single position, we have to be prepared because there can be so many things that can happen but at the same time, I think we have the financial strength and system ability to make that investment when required.”

Berrada admits that the club still have the likes of Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus whom he considered as two of the best strikers in the world at the moment and for this reason, they can’t rush to take a decision to bring in someone else.

He finally said that the club will be in the position to bring in a potential replacement (like Messi) to the team when they are in a financial position to do it for the right price and that could either be by next season or the following season after the next.

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