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Kai Havertz described as modern-day Johan Cruyff by Ralf Rangnick


Ralf Rangnick – former RB Leipzig director of football have made a complement about Kai Havertz, he said: “It’s only a question of time for the whole league to see what kind of player Chelsea have signed.” He said this as a strong belief in the potentials of the German youngster and also commended the Blues for a good choice made to have such a player like him in their squad. He compared Havertz’s style of play with the former Netherland international Cyruff who played for Barcelona and Ajax FC during his football career; describing him as the modern-day Johan Cruyff as his playing potentials are similar to this great legend.

In his conversation with Sky Sports, Rangnick said: “I have no doubts whatsoever that he will become a sustainable success and that he will become one of the top players in the next two or three years” describing his potentials he said: “He’s one of those players where I don’t see any weakness in his game. He’s the type of modern Johan Cruyff – he can score goals and he can provide assists

“He can play as a nine or nine-and-a-half. I don’t see him as a winger but in the central area of the pitch, he’s extremely valuable. I do not doubt that this transfer will prove to be a success story for Chelsea and Kai.” Ralf Rangnick described Havertz as an offensive midfielder with a 360-degree radar feature to consistently score goals and provide assists.

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    Kai Is a very good player and will definitely be successful at chelsea

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