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Gareth Bale: I have no regrets leaving Real Madrid


The Welsh footballer and former Real Madrid winger – Gareth Bale has disclosed that he has no feelings of regret to have been loaned out of the club to his former team – Tottenham Hotspur. He said it is left to anyone to say whatever they feel about the decision he took, that he is only worried about his family’s opinion about who he is and looks forward to playing good football in Tottenham.

Before joining Spurs on a season-long loan, the 31-year-old Bale had a limited time-play for Real Madrid last season; appearing just 20 times in the previous season and just before bidding farewell to his Spanish team, he experienced some critics from the Spanish media. The Welshman disclosed that going to Spain to play football has made him grow up as a person (not in terms of football alone), he said he had been in pressuring situations that he had no choice than to learn how to deal with such cases and not taking it too much to heart.

Speaking about his aim in Tottenham, he said he has come to contribute massively to the growth of the team and to keep pushing in the right direction. He commended the team’s achievement for the years he had left and affirmed that the present Spurs squad is a great one that is capable of achieving greater feats.

In his conversation with Sky Sports, he said that he wished the fans are allowed into the stadium to give him a warm welcome-back in Spurs, nevertheless, he said he is just looking forward to playing football in Spurs once again.

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