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“Everything taken apart” – Mesut Ozil’s latest Instagram post has got many Arsenal fans talking amid his exit from the club.


A recent post made by Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil on his Instagram handle has caught a lot of fans’ attention and comments. He made a caption to the post in German which was translated to mean “Everything taken apart” in English, the image posted showed dumbells being dropped on the floor in the club’s gym and Ozil tagged Mustafi, Torreira and Kolasinac who have all been said to be linked with exits from the club (Ozil inclusive) made some fans to draw to a conclusion that the Turkish was trying to insinuate their final exit from the club.

Although there have been some discussions of Ozil’s departure from the club by this summer’s transfer window, there is no bid for him yet by any club and what this might mean for him is that he would have to stick to the club till next year when his contract would finally expire.

Alongside Ozil, Sead Kolasinac, Shkodran Mustafi, and Lucas Torreira have all been linked to depart the club before the transfer window closes. Of the three, the highest exit possibility has been linked with Lucas Torreira with Atletico Madrid showing a strong interest in the Uruguayan.

With this development and Ozil’s coincidental post on Instagram, it has made some of the club’s fans to believe that he was referring to them leaving the Gunners but in reality, Ozil was indeed making reference to the weights and the condition of the gym in his post.

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